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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

La Bella of the week, Heather Hamilton of Zoe Organics

This week's "La Bella" is the CEO and founder of Zoe Organics, (a clean and natural product line made with loving care for Mom and baby) Heather Hamilton.  Heather is an entrepreneur and formulates all of her lovely products herself.  She is also a mutual lover of all things Spanish.  Just look at her skin, she beams organic beauty!

Heather Hamilton

La Bella Figura:  Who are you?

Heather Hamilton:  Wife, mother, entrepreneur with fire in my belly for the inspiration that often comes in the wee hours of the morning.

LBF:  Where do you live?

HH:  In a beautiful little community just north of the Napa Valley, in Northern California.

LBF:  What is your occupation?

HH:  Founder/CEO of Zoe Organics

LBF:  What is your astrological sign?

HH: Pisces

LBF:  What do you do for fun and recreation?

HH:  I love to run. Especially when I have a few hours early in the morning to run by myself. These days you will most likely see me running with a child or two in a jogging stroller - but that's fun too! I was blessed to have spent a lot of time growing up in the great outdoors; camping, hiking, skiing, cycling, etc., so these activities are amongst my favorites, even if I don't get to do them as often as I'd like.

LBF:  If you could travel anywhere, where would it be and why?

HH:  Ha! This changes weekly - but I spent my freshman year of college in Spain and have always wanted to take my husband back for a romantic trek through some of my favorite Spanish cities. There is so much to love! The people, food, music, history, breathtaking countryside...and the language - I'm not fluent, but I should be!

LBF:  What do you enjoy most about your life?

HH:  My family. I have an incredibly loving, brilliant husband to whom I have been married to for nearly 10 years. We have been blessed with 3 gorgeous, vibrant children who challenge us, love us unconditionally, and make us better people. I can't talk about family without mentioning my parents; who taught me how to love and who fostered my passion and dreams. They are still encouraging and supporting these dreams!

I also love that I wake up every morning excited about my work. They say you are doing what you are supposed to do when it doesn't feel like work. I can honestly say that (apart from bookkeeping) Zoe Organics is energizing to me! And I love the flexibility that comes with being a mompreneur.

LBF:  What made you try organic products?

HH:  Probably the most common reason out there - motherhood. I have always been conscientious about nutrition, but it wasn't until I had my first child, in 2006, that I began to scrutinize everything that I put on or into my son. Research dug up some ugly facts about mainstream cosmetics and it was only a matter of time before I was making my own.

LBF:  If we "shadowed" you for an entire day, what beauty horror would we
find out about you?

HH:  Hahaha...most work days, I simply shower and put on yoga pants and my favorite tee or hoodie. I have the "luxury" of working from my home office and product studio, so if I'm not going out, I stay as comfortable and low maintenance as possible!

LBF:  What are your favorite beauty products, something you could not be on a desert island without?

HH:  Oh, this is a great question! I could care less about make-up (especially on a desert island), so my staples would include; lip balm (something with shea or cocoa butter) body butter or a face & body balm. Of course, I have a long list of my favorite plant ingredients, but that's probably a different question. :)

LBF:  What will you be doing this weekend?

HH:  Oh, my husband and I were just talking about it this morning. I will be making product. Lot's and lot's of it!

LBF:  Sum up a motto that best describes you:

HH:  The last Christmas we spent with my late sister-in-law, Suzanne Hamilton, she gave me a ring with the french inscription "il faut vivre et non pas seulement exister". The English translation is "one must live and not just exist". This is a reminder to me that life is most certainly a gift. I am learning to focus my energy on the things that matter most, be willing to take risks and let go of the things I cannot control.

Thank you Heather for taking the time out of your busy schedule to be our featured Bella this week.  You are a rockstar and your kids are just adorable!  Keep that fire in your belly burning and keep creating those wonderful products for Mom and baby.  We hope you all make it to a beautiful Spanish vacation soon. 

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  1. Heather has such a wonderful spirit about her. It truly does translate through her products quite nicely.