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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Confessions of a beauty addict.

It is very difficult for a woman to break up with her beloved lipstick.  It almost never happens.   As a matter of fact, more often than not it is your lipstick that is discontinued or perhaps the company that makes it will go under,  leaving one crushed and fantasizing of perfect crimson lips and how it used to be!   It has become easier to drop that lipstick and never replay the fantasy (the way you did your slightly stalkerish ex) when said lipstick is contaminated with traces of carcinogens.  As soon as I knew better I walked away and never looked back!  I wanted to kick that poison lipstick right in the @$#!

That made me think, what else was I using daily that was loaded with harmful toxins or chemicals?  The answer was astonishing!  Almost every product from my toothpaste to my anti-perspirant was potentially dangerous to my overall well being.  As much as I loved my fresh, minty toothpaste I did not want to continue using it with the new information I had and was committed to researching what was available and safe that I could replace.  It used to be, organic beauty products were rare or just weird.  That's no longer the case at all!  Today, organic or (truly) natural products are in abundance and are made with beautiful ingredients that not only work exceptionally well, but are easy on the environment and the wallet.  There is no need to fly all the way to France for organic soap or to Italy for a fabulous scented body lotion.  Organic beauty is becoming not just trendy, but imperative for those that care about what they put on their skin, hair, feet, eyelashes and eyes.  Who wants traces of aluminum in their lotion or parabens in shampoo?  What is a paraben and why does it sound important,  yet is not necessary at all? Not even the loyalists can soundly debate their devotion to their longtime products with the knowledge that some of the added ingredients can also be found in a jug of windshield wiper fluid.

Currently, it is up to the consumer to fend for his/herself about the safety in cosmetics.  In the United States only 8 known ingredients are banned from cosmetics leaving a heck of a lot of other toxic chemicals for the cosmetic industry to choose from.  What's worse is that some of these cosmetic companies are plain and simply lying to cover up their crimes against the consumer.  As of  this moment, many cosmetic brands are scurrying to repackage and rebrand with lovely white or green colored boxes and labeling their products, "natural" or "pure."  No one is watching and so they can.  Leaving the average consumer, confused and vulnerable to dishonest claims.

These are the facts and the biggest factor in the reason why you will NEVER find harmful ingredients in any of LA BELLA FIGURA products.   We don't think we need to compromise quality for a longer shelf life or a little extra foam!    We are THAT confident (the way one is after losing the slightly stalkerish ex) about our products because we use only beneficial natural and organic ingredients that live up to our claims.   You won't be able to hold on to a bottle of TESORO or MOROCCAN FACE GOLD.

For information on your favorite beauty product log on to, and rate your product's safety and ingredient list.  

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The Argan Tree of Morocco

Fair Trade Coffeeberries from Brazil

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