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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

La Bella is back! Our new Bella is Joanna Runciman of Actual Organics.

Joanna Runciman

Joanna Runciman is a writer, wellness coach and advocate for detoxifying your life from chemicals. We crossed paths because I was enjoying her blog and found her passion for clean and green living inspiring. We sent Joanna products to sample and luckily for us she became a fan! Joanna has changed her own life and now helps others weed out the toxins in their life and is a leader in healing and wellness in Canada. Check out her site at

La Bella Figura: Who are you?

Joanna Runciman: Mrs Joanna Runciman.  A passionate advocate for non-toxic living, I educate and empower women to live more radiantly, through eliminating unnecessary toxic synthetic chemicals and toxic practices from their life.
Where do you live? 

JR: In the mountains of British Columbia, Canada.

LBF: What is your occupation? 

JR: Wife, friend and I also run a little business called Actual Organics.  I am currently writing my first book.
LBF: What is your astrological sign?

JR: Born in April, but actually the only guidance I seek is God!

LBF: What do you do for fun and recreation?

JR: Ski, walk, Feldenkrais and cooking, I also love watching comedies, my favourite being, Love Actually.
LBF: If you could travel anywhere, where would it be and why? 

JR: I would love to go to the rainforests around the world.  The majestic trees that have lived on this earth for centuries would be amazing to experience. 

LBF: What do you enjoy most about your life? 

JR: My husband is my best friend and I feel truly blessed everyday to be married. As well as that I am encouraged by the possibility for positive change; my educating others to take a stand and clean up their life- a sort of get the gunk out & get the radiance in! 

LBF: What made you try organic products? 

JR: Chronic acne for over ten years, I then began to reduce my toxic body burden; starting with what I used on my skin, moving to genuinely organic skincare was a logical choice.  I encourage reading ingredients thoroughly as organic can hide some horrors pretending to be healthy.

LBF: If we "shadowed" you for an entire day, what beauty horror would we
find out about you?

JR: I occasionally wear a Bobbi Brown mascara that I was given a sample of at a big department store in London, it has butylene glycol and phenoxyethanol and all manner of toxic synthetic ingredients but the occasional times I wear it my lashes do look longer! 
LBF: What are your favorite beauty products, something you could not be on\
a desert island without?

JR:  I love the La Bella Figura Barbary Fig Renewal Serum so would want an endless supply of that with me, some Shea butter, coconut oil and Ora Wellness tooth oil.  Baking soda is pretty handy too to clean my beach house on the desert island, so I'd like some of that too!
LBF: What will you be doing this weekend? 

JR: Skiing, having a massage, cooking and going for a long walk, drinking tea and playing cards. 

LBF: Sum up a motto that best describes you:

JR: You may not like what I say but detoxing your life will serve you well, so be brave (you are braver than you think) and get rid of the clutter be it physical, emotional or synthetic chemical!  Make your life more simple and enjoy the radiance that is yours to shine for the world to see. 

Thank you Joanna! We hope you had a lovely ski trip and are excited about your upcoming book. We can't wait to read your first book and hope you are inspired every day. Follow Joanna on Twitter @ActualOrganics and on her Facebook page, ActualOrganics.

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